ICARUS CLOTHING was founded by two individuals at the top of their craft, one in elite soldiering and the other in commerce. Both individuals have failed multiple times towards ‘success’ & are willing to fail countless times on route to future glory. We have founded the brand to champion the trailblazers who would rather fail trying to achieve greatness than succeed in being average.


Everyone knows the ancient story of ICARUS. Who while trying to escape Crete, wearing his father’s wings, flew too close to the sun. This caused his wings made of wax & feathers to melt. He fell out of the sky & into the sea where he drowned. He went down in history as a failure and a cautionary tale against being overly ambitious. But let’s not forget that before Icarus fell, he first experienced the glory of flight.


From our experience we believe you have to be willing to fail & take risks in order to achieve huge things in your life. Fear of failure has killed more dreams than failure ever has or will. If you attack life with an attitude of being willing to fail the results will surprise you.


If you are greeted by failure, we believe that rather than retreating into obscurity & mediocrity you should make adjustments & re-attack your goals. Everyone should fail multiple times in their life. If you haven’t yet failed, then we’d have to insist your goals in life are set too low. Failure is key to growth & success.


We’ve created an elite activewear & gym brand to champion glorious failure on route to massive success. Building a community of like-minded individuals willing to fail in order to succeed. So, join us & let’s fail together on route to glory!